The process of designing Jackie's stationery line is pretty simple. She sketches, paints, draws and then scans, puts a composition together on  the computer, paired with appropriate type treatments and then prints away. What thrills Jackie most about this new stationery line, dubbed OOAK (one of a kind) is that it has been a very hands-on experience. To design on the computer, send in for letterpress plates to print from and then seeing that design and vision come to life on the bed of the press is truly such a thrill. Every paint stoke, from where the paint has run thin from her brush in her paintings, and then have that inconsistency pressed into the thickest cotton paper, is what it's all about for Jackie. 


In addition to letterpress, 42 Pressed also offers an array of creative problem solving solutions for businesses. It is our goal to attract strong personalities as clients, who are hands on with their companies and have a clear vision as to what direction they would like to be headed in. It is our job to create and design with purpose, so the more ideas and direction you can bring to the table the more on point your design results will be. I am committed to my clients and thrive when I design with a solid purpose. 


Branding  - logo design / brand identity / collateral / brand guidelines

Print  -  packaging / cookbook / editorial / advertising / brochures and catalogs / poster / business cards + stationery . Printing for other designers is another thing we love, so please if you have a project and need a quote, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Web  - website design / blog design / email marketing / outsource






I provide all my design clients with a specific time frame and project scope where every detail and step is written out and completely transparent. Every project is different, but is sort of treated the same way as far as process and explorations go. 


When it all comes down to it, it's important that we're a good match for each other . You don't have to be into everything I am into, or have all your aesthetic and thoughts be completely in line with mine, but it helps (ha!) We will work amazingly together if:

  • You are 100% committed to your company and dedicated to wanting to produce the best design possible that makes sense and elevates your company. Designing a pretty logo isn't enough.
  • You can laugh at yourself, have a sense of humor and are far from being boring or mundane.
  • You understand that great design sometimes takes some time to flush out and make perfect.
  • You love to have fun and are enthusiastic.
  • You are a nice person (you'd be surprised) 
  •  Are ready to take your company to the next level as far as design goes and rise above all the rest.
  • Are willing to put it the time and do a bit of fun leg work to get your project up and running. Inspiration is always fun, right?

Love it, What's your availability?

I take on a certain amount of branding projects each quarter. For your project to be considered, please fill out the submission form on my contact page in order for your project to be considered, and I will be in touch momentarily! 


Letterpress and design tools that keep the studio humming.