Originally from New York, Jackie is a Charleston area creative, specializing in graphic design, art direction, styling, print and web with her studio located on Wadmalaw Island. After her undergrad in New York, she went to grad school at The Creative Circus in Atlanta, which is one of the best portfolio schools in the country specializing in creative advertising. She then went on to pursue the dream of owning her own creative/letterpress studio which she called 42 Pressed. When not designing or printing you can find her hanging out on Wadmalaw Island with her pretty incredible husband Tyler,  their beagle-walker mix Boadey, and their sweet little girl, Riley Magnolia.

*Most of these photos are by the lovely Olivia Rae James



Jackie's line of stationery goods and prints play with interesting color combos, scale, and style. Fusing together hand painting, patterns, typography and letterpress,  Jackie loves to curtail her work to the simple minded correspondent that has an edgy style. She creates paper goods that are both simple and beautiful but also serve a purpose. Her curiously concocted tag line, comes from the exploration, the playfulness and the strong crafting skills it takes to translate over to her preferred medium of letterpress. Nothing gives her more satisfaction to design a piece and then see it come to life on the bed of one of her three antique presses. She is inspired by the subtleties found in nature, strong color combinations and she also draws inspiration from her everyday travels.



The creative studio of 42 Pressed offers a wide array of creative solutions for great people.. Specializing in print, graphic design, art direction, web design and styling,  Jackie works with creative businesses to sharpen the voice of their brand so everything is consistent and visually powerful.  Jackie believes that good design solves a problem and when you find that design solution, your brand just makes sense and then has the ability to speak to your target audience which will then translate into sales. Designing a pretty logo is not enough. Jackie will dig deep within the soul of your company and create a brand that clearly illustrates what your company stands for and what it will grow to be.