Some of you already know of a pretty neat brand extension of 42 Pressed that I've been busy working on but some of you don't, so I wanted to fill in the cracks. I've gotten a good amount of emails wondering about the launch etc. So here goes: It's called ROAM and it's a collection within the 42 Pressed brand. This curiously concocted selection of goods and lifestyle products was created to enrich life experiences for those who embark on life's journey. A modern approach to travel accessories intended to be used at home or abroad. 

We are busy putting on the final touches and have hit the Atlanta Gift Show last month and the soon to happen NYNow with our rep company called Formatical. We've received such positive response from everyone so far and have some pretty incredible national partnerships happening as a result of this launch, that I cannot wait to share! Currently in the line we have 4 different city candles that smell SO GOOD: Charleston, Chicago, San Fran and New York along with the copper foiled prints designed just like our Charleston Print with lots and lots more coming! There's also a foiled Die Cut calendar that is the coolest thing ever, I am so in love with it, along with three different travel bags for roaming around produced by J. Stark. 

There's a bunch of products that we are currently working on to be released for January: Planners, a large scale tapestry map of the USA, a pretty amazing back pack for everyday roaming, and some large scale ceramic candles to name a few products, among many others that we have planned. 

I am so thrilled to see where ROAM goes and excited to show you guys what's next for 42 Pressed! We have a lot of exciting collaborations coming up. In the mean time, here's a little peek at the line. 

If you have any questions or are interested in carrying ROAM products, please shoot us an email. OR if you know of any incredible retailers where you think we'd be a good fit, please do let us know! 

Most photos by Lindsey Harris


My friend Olivia, who is a lovely talented photographer here in Charleston and also one of my sweet friends, recently had a little re brand from her fiancé Blake Suarez, who is a kick-ass designer and illustrator working at Fuzzco. Simple and perfect, Blake designed her business cards and then Olivia and I printed them together.  She came out to the farm studio, we took pics, I was wearing my little glasses, didn't shower that day, it was perfectly spontaneous and  just how we like it. Here's a little peek of our session.


Amanda came to me a few months ago wanting to work with 42 Pressed on a brand rehaul for her pajama line called Tink & Tiger. Based on Peter Pan's never land and tapping on the fantasy side of things, we set out to produce her new look and bring order to all our lofty ideas (7 different hang tags which represent each collection, a lookbook, a blog series called the common thread, a working identity, along with all the business collateral that goes along with that, letterpressed of course ;). I preach about it all the time, but I cannot tell you how bloody  important it is to mesh well with your client and be a good fit for each other. Amanda and I could not have been a better fit for each other, we worked tirelessly hard to perfect and puzzle all her design elements together, I am so proud of the work we did. I cannot wait to see what's in store for Tink & Tiger. The new line is seriously perfect. 


We recently worked with the clan over at Martha Stewart Weddings to produce this perfect candy themed wedding suite for their 2015 Spring Issue which just hit news stands last week. We couldn't be more excited with how it turned out, so up my alley, so our style! 

For pricing and other information regarding this suite, you can head on over to our wedding section to take a look or please feel free to email us with any questions. 


Something new we have started doing that I am totally in love with. A nouveau-modern take on the coat of arms. You give me both of your last names, if you're married, I do research and also base it on your current family, values, interest etc. and then design away. For this project, we did custom stationery, his and hers and also a print they can hang in there home.



A lot has happened in the last year as far as change goes. I don't know about you guys, but I find the older I get the more I'd like to edit; edit my work, my day to day, my business and my overall life in general. I have found I no longer want to produce work that doesn't speak to me. I have found that my family is my top priority and if I am going to be away from them working, it better be for something I am over the moon passionate about while producing work that I am proud of and absolutely love. 

That being said, 42 Pressed needed to change in order to mimic these new priorities in my life. Hence, the new look and direction of 42 Pressed. The work that I am producing currently truly speaks to me in volumes, and I genuinely hope you all love this new directions as much as I do, because I'm just getting started! 

Along with the new stationery line and prints, I have also started taking on a lot more branding and design projects that I can't wait to share soon, but one thing at a time. This blog will become way more active and perhaps have a different look shortly,  but for now, I wanted you all to hear from me and get a bit of an update.