Amanda came to me a few months ago wanting to work with 42 Pressed on a brand rehaul for her pajama line called Tink & Tiger. Based on Peter Pan's never land and tapping on the fantasy side of things, we set out to produce her new look and bring order to all our lofty ideas (7 different hang tags which represent each collection, a lookbook, a blog series called the common thread, a working identity, along with all the business collateral that goes along with that, letterpressed of course ;). I preach about it all the time, but I cannot tell you how bloody  important it is to mesh well with your client and be a good fit for each other. Amanda and I could not have been a better fit for each other, we worked tirelessly hard to perfect and puzzle all her design elements together, I am so proud of the work we did. I cannot wait to see what's in store for Tink & Tiger. The new line is seriously perfect.