At 42 Pressed, we put so much work into the quality and craftsmanship of our products. If for whatever reason you are unhappy with your retail purchase, please return your product to us within 10 days of your purchase for a full refund (with the exception of shipping costs) Damaged, opened or used products cannot be returned. Please note for custom orders, this return policy does not apply. We do not accept returns on custom orders. 

TURNAROUND TIME and shipping carriers:

We try to ship our orders out every 2-3 business days. Once we ship out your order, you'll then receive tracking information that you can then use to keep track of your products while they are in route to you. We use USPS and UPS to ship.


From the time your package leaves 42 Pressed headquarters until it is delivered to your address, all shipping liability lies with USPS. Missing packages claims must be filed by the customer.  After the package is marked as delivered by USPS, packages become the customer's responsibility. 42 Pressed cannot provide refunds for lost or stolen packages post-delivery. 


Do you all offer samples of your invitation suites?

Yes we sure do. Head over to our shop to order samples. We offer a save the date sample packs and also an invitation suite sample pack (invitation and rsvp.) If you would like us to send a certain suite, please let us know if the message section of Etsy, and we would be happy to include it. 

Okay I am ready! How do I place my order?

You can visit one of our amazing retailers, or if there is not one in your area, we would be happy to work with you directly. To work with us directly, please email us all the particulars of your order to get started:

1. Name of each piece, (save the date, invitation, thank you card, envelope liners, printed envelopes etc.)

2. Quantity of each piece (in increments of 25)

3. Method of printing: Letterpress or Digital or both.

3. Do you want one color, two colors or three colors? If you are ordering digital you can have as many colors as you like without effecting the price. Our color sheet is right here. 

4. 1 ply or 2 ply paper (see description below)

5. Your wording for each piece (don't forget to include your return address if you want printed envelopes, your rsvp address, and your rsvp cut off date)

Once we receive your order we will put together a contract and an invoice which we will email over to you and then we'll contact you for the 50% deposit. Once we receive the signed contract and your 50% deposit, you will then move onto the design phase and the proof approvals. If you are ordering from our collection, we will email a proof over to you within 24 hours of receiving your 50% deposit, if you are ordering custom, please allow 5-7 days for us to design your pieces.

Do you offer a rush turn around?

If you need your wedding invitations in a hurry, we can do it for a 50% up charge of your final order total. You will receive your invitaions within seven business days after the final prooof approval is received.

How many invitations should I order?

Remember to order your invitations based on the number of families and couples your inviting. In other words, if you are inviting 100 couples, you willprobably only need 50 invitations. Also, since the guest list is sometimes the hardest part of the wedding planning (believe me, we’ve been there) there are most certainly going to be those stragglers that you will end up inviting at the last minute, so please order extras if you think this might happen. Keep in mind ordering an extra 10 now, is FAR less expensive then realizing you have to order 10 more later.

Can I see a letterpress print of my proof?

We don’t offer letterpress prints of your proof. What we do offer is an electronic PDF of your proof for you to review. If you would like to see a letterpress samples, please head over to our shop and order the suite you love, and we’ll get that right out to you all bundled up in a pretty little package! If you then decide to order the suite, we will then reimburse you the sample cost from your final bill.

What’s the deal with Sales Tax?

You are not charged sales tax if your order is shipped to a state other than Florida. However, if your order is shipped to a Florida address, then we must charge 6% sales tax.

I have my sample, but what about the other pieces in my suite?

For each of our designs, we print the invite, save the date and normally one other piece. We also offer a digital pdf of every single piece in that suite which includes reception pieces, so you can see what the whole suite will look like before ordering. After you have ordered a sample pack and love what you see (we promise you'll fall in love) please email us to see the full PDF of the suite that you are interested in and we'll gladly send it over. 

Can I see a specific color I love in a sample?

Because of the time and work that goes into letterpress printing (plates, paper, mixing inks, and setting up the press for printing each piece) it is impossible for us to offer every single sample in each color. Once you place your order with us, we can customize it to the fullest extent, and we can promise you'll love it! 

Can you tell me the difference between 1 ply and 2 ply paper?

We print on 100% tree-free paper, that is available in both a 1 ply or a 2 ply. The 1 ply is 110 LB weight. The 2 ply is twice as thick as the one ply, and weighs in at 220 LB, it’s a thick non bendable board that allows an optimal impression for all your pieces.  If you would like for us to send you asample of a two ply invitation, please request that within your sample order. 

Can you print double sided?

Yes, we sure can, and we love to. These days, the backside of an invitation is just as important as the front! You can figurean additional 50% to print double sided.

I love envelope liners, do you guys do them?

Yes, we sure do... Envelope liners have a come a long way recently, in the past they were considered a bit stuffy, but now with a blast of pattern, it has become the punch that some envelopes need.  It is also such an amazing way to tie in a
patternyou might use throughout your suite. Keep in mind, we digital print all our liners.

What can you not letterpress?

We can pretty much letterpress anything, but there are certain pieces that it wouldn’t make sense to letterpress simply beacuse we would have to order each individual print plate and set up the press each time for only one print, and that would be very expensive. Here are a few pieces that go along these lines: individual escort cards, seating chart, each recipients address on the envelope, and table numbers. *Hint: Anytime you need less than 25 prints of something, you can almost always figure it will be very expensive. The initial letterpress set up costs, just don’t make sense. However, we would be happy to design something that you can then take to get offset printed yourself. Please email us about that for further details.

I am obsessed with letterpress, but I am on a strict budget:

Most of us are! There are some creative ways you can order letterpress without going over budget. Order one ply paper instead of two ply, keep your colors down to one color per piece, order a reply postcard (your address printed on the back) so your rsvp does not require a printed envelope (this is a greener approach as well). Or eliminate your reply card all together and put your rsvp information on the bottom of your invite and direct your guests to rsvp using your website or email. You can also cut out your direction and accomidation cards this way as well. 

We are also now offering digital printing for all of our wedding suites! Hooray! So you can still work with 42 Pressed and have beautiful wedding invitations, for a fraction of the letterpress costs! Our digital printing is offered at incredible prices and the greatest thing of all is that we use the same paper to print your flat invitations as we would if you ordered letterpress invitations. Want signage, menu's, coasters, or any other fun reception pieces, we offer all those things as well. Just call us your one-stop-everything-wedding-paper-related-shop (phew!)

When will my order ship?

Once you have approved the final proof and sent the approval back to us, we will then confirm your ship to address, and give you an estimated time within a few days of when your order will ship. Normally it will take three weeks from final proof approval for your goodies to arrive at your door step. All orders require a signature in order to be delivered, so please keep this in mind when cofirming your ship to address.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! We are happy to ship anywhere in the world, but please note you are resposible for any duties and tax associated with the shipping of your letterpress goodies. We also are happy to work with you and print your invitation in your native language as well, we would just need your help with all the wording. So far we have printed various invitations in French, German, Spanish and Hebrew!